Some, hopefully, nice words from the people I work(ed) with.

Alex Volok - co-worker @Rabobank

The endorsement below I received from my co-worker Alex. Who himself is an awesome human and taught me a lot about the way of working in an Agile team. Thanks Alex!

Mark Verbaas is a great example of a well-structured mind. He has expert-level hard skills in products like SQL Server, Azure SQL, and Azure DevOps. However, his true power reveals in the exceptional ability to turn chaos into order, applying standards, conventions, and best practices to any area where the team has to focus with. Mark is an honest, cooperative, and hard-working professional on which I always could rely and with whom I would be glad to work again.

Kind regards,


Emmanuel Defranc - co-worker @rabobank

On 14-04-2022 I received the following from my co-worker Emmanuel through a pull request. So besides his very kind words, it was also a learning experience for both him and me.

Mark is one of those people that everybody loves to work with. His level of engagement and will, to always provide support when needed, makes me confident to say that Mark is the whole deal; on one hand you have this sly developer that delivers valuable products on the other hand you have a person that his communication skills, allows anybody to have a productive and meaningful dialogue. For me, it has been pretty handy to have him around when I get stuck on the day by day tasks I have to deal with.

Wishing you the best on every decision made in your life path.